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Adolescents and their emotional problems

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There are many emotional issues that affect teenagers so we must be informed and to know how to help them in this stage of life.

Teenagers: Especially sensitive

Adolescence is a stage of life characterized by the accumulation of changes that occur. Teen’s not only physical changes affect them as there are also important changes at the level of emotional and mental development.

Their brains work in an accelerated way, they must assume the changes that are occurring in their bodies and their lives and sometimes feel that no one can understand them. It is not easy being a teenager but it is not easy to be parents of a teenager.

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They are with the sensitivity to the skin and, sometimes, parents lose a little patience and forget that we, at the time, also had these experiences and we felt as lost as them.

Some of the most common emotional problems

Physical changes in teenagers are evident but perhaps emotional pass us unnoticed. You may invade their sadness, they feel desire to mourn, they are more rebellious than normal.

These are some of the emotional problems that can pass a teenager:

  • Self-esteem problems: Sometimes if teenagers receive much criticism either parents or peers can be installed in them the idea that they are useless, they do everything wrong.
  • Depression: Signs that a teen is suffering from depression are different from those of adults. We must be attentive to their reactions and behavior. Look if this more irritable than usual, sad or even if exposed to risky activities.
  • Anorexia or bulimia: These problems are generated in the minds of adolescents, do not like your body, they think they are very overweight and want to lose it at all costs.
  • Excessive timidity: Excessive timidity can cause teens trouble relating normally with peers and adults.
  • Anxiety disorders: Caused by fears or phobias to some situations.
  • Stress: Is one of the great problems of adolescents. There are many causes that can cause them stress. What parents require them, taking appropriate measures regarding studies decisions be accepted by the group of friends, etc?

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It is very important for adults to be alert to changes in attitude, behavior of adolescents. In this difficult, full of changes stage, they have to know that adults are willing to offer all the help and support they need, have to understand that we are not the enemy and that all those emotional problems that may be affected solvable.

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