Watch out for these accountancy trends in 2024

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Increasingly businesses and individuals are looking to achieve savings as well as to streamline their activities. A good accountant can not only save a lot of time but can also save a considerable amount of money, making the market for accountants forever buoyant.
The Accountant’s Role

It is worth noting that there are a myriad of different roles available within the accountancy field. A good quality accountancy recruitment agency such as will offer opportunities for a variety of different job seekers as well as those looking to find talent or outsource aspects of their accountancy work.

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From experienced bookkeepers and accounts assistants to those who have undergone the necessary training to become chartered accountants, the need for talent within the accountancy field is critical.

Those who are chartered accountants have undergone specific training and are registered with a recognised body such as the ICAEW.

Within this status of being chartered, there are specialisms which again can offer a particular individual for a particular task such as being a tax specialist or a restructuring expert. However, it is the chartered status that offers the comfort of qualification in the field.

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Trends in Accountancy Recruitment

From a recruitment perspective, there is a notable growth in the use of an accountancy recruitment agency to support organisations either in the short or long term. Outsourcing aspects of the accountancy function is becoming an increasing trend to either gain a specific area of expertise or to support the existing in-house function through a period where additional manpower is required.

For many organisations, the need for skilled accountancy talent is short-term or only for specific tasks. Therefore, the use of a talent pool to draw on can provide much-needed additional strength to the workforce.

Another trend in accountancy recruitment is the use of consultants or accountancy firms that can undertake specific tasks. One of the most popular examples of this is payroll firms which recruit specialist individuals to provide these services to a range of different clients.

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