Why are wool socks a great choice?

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If your washing machine keeps eating your socks and you are in the market for some new pairs, you can’t go wrong with wool. Woollen socks are a classic for a reason, so read on to find out why woollen socks are a great choice.

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Woollen socks are insulating and will keep your feet warm, which is especially important when you are in the great outdoors or exercising. While woollen socks can come in very thick insulating knits, they can also come in much closer-knit styles that will look good with any shoe.

They are breathable

In addition to being warm, wool socks are great to wear when exercising. As wool is breathable, you can work up a sweat hiking up a hill and not get hot smelly feet. Wool socks allow your feet to breathe while keeping you warm.


Wool is incredibly versatile and can look good with anything, especially woollen items such as a mens fishermans sweater from a stockist such as shoparan.com/mens-aran-sweaters/mens-fisherman-sweaters/.


Wool is a sustainable natural fibre that won’t release nasty microplastics into our oceans and rivers when washed. Buying sustainable and superior quality clothing rather than plastic-based ‘fast fashion’ is one of the best ways to reduce your impact on the environment and live ‘slower’. Fashion magazine Vogue says buying fewer but better-quality clothes is one of the best things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint.


Other than losing one of a pair, holes in the toes of socks are the number one reason for throwing them away. High-quality woollen socks will not only stand the test of time but also if they do get holes, they will withstand repair and look as good as new.

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Moisture wicking

Wool is also a great option for the outdoors because it is moisture-wicking. This means it doesn’t store water; instead, it slowly dissipates it into the air. This makes wool a good option for socks, as your feet won’t get sweaty and smelly whatever you do in them.

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