Keeping warm this winter

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With the clocks going back an hour and Christmas rapidly approaching, winter is definitely here. The last few years have seen some shocks in terms of gas and electric costs, and as a result, people have a lot of focus on how they can save money and not use so much of the Earth’s resources. There are plenty of ways that you can keep warm this winter without it costing the Earth or hitting your pocket particularly hard.

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A decent set of woollen garments is one of the best things to invest in. For example, an Irish fisherman sweater like those from offers a lovely, snug and cosy bit of fashion for you. The Fisherman’s sweater is still very much in vogue, and these particular varieties are also water resistant due to the Merino sheep and the wool that is used in its making.

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The secret to keeping warm in winter is to layer. Ensuring you have decent thermals as a base layer can also keep you warm. These are usually available through outdoor shops. Layering means that as you get warmer, you can remove items or place them back on again when the chill starts to take effect. The head is one of the most prominent places where heat escapes. Therefore, getting yourself a decent beanie hat is an excellent idea to ensure the heat is retained. Some people like to have a bobble on top, although others are just a little more conservative in their approach.

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