How to get started with knitting

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It’s not for everyone to have an easy, smooth journey from beginner to expert knitter. You may well encounter some bumps on the way. You may notice that your knitting is too tight or loose, or you might see little holes in your work. Don’t worry, these issues are normal for beginners.

  1. Knit Your First Scarf

You’re now ready to knit your very first scarf. What a great experience!

Cast on the number of stitches equal to your desired scarf width. Knit until the scarf is at the desired length. Cast off. That’s it!

Some people like long, luxurious scarves with generous lengths hanging on either side. Some people like them short, while others are looking for a compromise. You do you!

Cast on, knit stitch and cast off are skills that can be used. To find out about buying a Knitting Kit, visit

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  1. Knit an Infinity Scarf

This infinity scarf will be perfect for you if you have already knitted a scarf but are looking for something a little more challenging.

The scarf builds on your current skills and introduces two new techniques, knitting in the round (or round stitch) and purling. The two techniques will allow you to create a wide variety of knitted items!

Tutorials will show you how to knit this popular infinity scarf. You can wrap this garter stitch tube around your neck to provide instant warmth and comfort.

Cast on, knitting in round, knit stitch and purl stitch are techniques used for this project.

  1. Knit Your First Hat

You can knit your first hat if you have already knitted the infinity scarves or if you are ready for a new challenge. Learn how to knit in the round and to knit using double-pointed needles.

You’ll also learn how to decrease stitch to create a tapered look and how to knit with knits and purls to make a simple rib. You’ll also be able to attach and make a fluffy, big pom-pom.

Cast on, knitting in the round, knitting using DPNs (double-pointed needles), decreasing knit stitch, casting off and making a pompom are found in this project.

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  1. Check out patterns online for projects

Have you caught the knitting bug? You’re itching to start a new project. Check out the patterns available online to get some inspiration. You can pin, save, or start your favourite projects right away. Patterns are available in both free and premium versions, with tutorial videos that guide you through the steps.

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