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Restaurant management is a difficult business. You’ll likely face some common issues that are faced by all restaurants at some point. You will face high levels of competition and many fine details that you need to master. But by understanding the problems, you can prepare to meet these challenges with success. Don’t be one of the 60% of companies that fail within their first year.

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It is important to have a unique selling proposition. This will help you succeed and be known in your area for your speciality. While great food and excellent customer service are important, they will be expected. You need to go further and give your customers an incentive to eat in your restaurant and not at someone else’s. Your customers will remember your unique selling point and it creates an emotional connection between you and your customer.

Restaurants can have problems with customer service. Your customers will remember this first and foremost when they think of your restaurant, no matter how delicious your food may be. Customers will remember if your service is poor. Make sure that all staff members, from the lowest to the highest, are trained and committed to ensuring the customer has the best experience. Every contact must be welcoming, warm and approachable. Consider efficiency with a Restaurant Pager System from

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A menu is another issue that requires careful consideration. Are you following a particular theme? Are there too many options or not enough? A great menu requires a certain amount of balance. Keep your menu on track with your unique selling proposition or you may end up confusing your customers. A lot of choices also means you have to order a lot of ingredients, and keep them on hand all the time. A smaller menu with a well-managed price tag that is in line with your business’s selling point may make sense.

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