When to use your car headlights

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Whether you’ve owned the same vehicle for many years or are driving the latest model from a company specialising in car leasing in Bristol, there’s one thing that always remains the same – the need to use your headlights appropriately.

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Know your Options

Modern cars offer an array of lighting options for different driving conditions. From the dipped beam setting to fog lights, understanding which type to use is an important part of staying safe on the road.

Many modern cars actually have their headlights running continually when the engine is turned on, which is a convenient way to ensure that you will always be safely visible to other road users. If you’re looking into car leasing Bristol, such vehicles can be a smart option. Ask a specialist such as www.autolyne.co.uk/car-leasing-near-me/bristol about your options.

Staying Safe

There’s a good reason to turn your headlights on as soon as the sun begins to go down. Vehicles with good visibility are statistically less likely to be involved in an accident. This means that headlights are not only good for ensuring that you can see what’s out there but also for making sure that others can see you, too.

The Highway Code says that headlights should be used when visibility at 100m is poor, which can also be caused by weather conditions. But it’s better to turn them on before it gets that dark!

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When driving with full beam headlights on, it’s important to remember to switch to dipped headlights when you see an approaching vehicle or are making a left turn as this helps to avoid dazzling the other driver and so helps to prevent accidents. And fog lights are exactly as the name suggests – these are the brightest headlights for the worst visibility.

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