Create Great Banner Ads with These Seven Steps

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If you’re looking to create a HTML banner ad, it’s good to know that you can accomplish your aim without needing to code. Here are seven steps to take:

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1. Pick Your Platforms
Different advertising platforms will have their own requirements about banner ad file sizes and limits. This includes Facebook and Google Ads. The maximum file size might be 150kb, for example. Some will put rules on what they don’t allow, such as JavaScript. Check the rules before you design your ad.

2. Pick a Tool
Various tools exist with pre-made HTML banner templates that you can use as a starting point for customisation of your HTML banner ads. These include Bannerflow and Google Web Designer.

3. Have Fun Making Your Ad
Pick your imagery, colour scheme, suitable font and content for your HTML banner ads. Don’t forget the CTA! Short and simple tends to be best so that readers aren’t overwhelmed. Remember to really focus on the start and end frames, as these always have the most important impact.

4. Submit Your File
You’ll need to submit your file to anyone who needs to approve the artwork before you publish it. Find out more:

5. Export and Zip
Once you’ve had your artwork signed off, you can save out your file into the final format, export images and compress the files into a ZIP. Then check the instructions on the relevant platform to submit your ad and have it published.

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  1. Check and Tweak
    When your ad is live, you can carry out A/B testing to see which version of the ad is working best with your audience. This will allow you to refine your artwork so that it’s optimised for the best possible results and to continually optimise your campaigns.

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