10 Things you should never miss in the child’s bedroom

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Many ideas and tips to renew children’s room from books to plush lights to make it cozy and comfortable…

When it comes to designing children’s rooms, there are no rules. But there are some elements that would be better to include making the bedroom a place for comfort, the discovery, the game and the memory

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Here are 10 things you can not miss:

Something to sleep on: Obviously the bed is granted – but Make it soft, warm and cozy and we bet that the children will do anything to spend more time on it, rather than just sleep.

Something that lights up: The ceiling can be so cold! Especially if you have younger children fall asleep. A night light or a light in the shape of something that appeals to children (animals, moon etc.) can bring much comfort and warmth. Even a flashlight to read under the covers can be a plus!

Something that reads Time: Although children are still not very interested at the time, a watch can help them understand and follow the daily routine.

Something to pamper yourself: For some it is a blanket, for others it is a plush, but something soft to hugsqueeze and cuddle can bring a lot of relaxation to a child.

Something to read: The books feed the imagination of children and feed their minds. Put some books in their room and give a good example and you’ll have a player for the whole life.

Something handmade: An element handmade in the children’s room adds a little family right there with them. Do not forget to include the handmade things just by themselves!

Something that intrigues: Include an object to intrigue children, something that concerns the life or nature or simply the operation of something.

Something for pride: It could be an object made ​​by hand in the boy scouts, a necklace made ​​with pasta raw, or a nice school report. In any case, it must be something that represents what the children have achieved, win or a goal they have achieved.

Something with Color: Even if you love a room neutral, add a bit of color. A pillow, a blanket, a chair or acarpet attracts the eye and reminds us that life with kids is very colorful.

Something they have chosen them: Allow the children to help create their own space. They may be more intuitive than you think.

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