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Good Health

12 Tips To Enjoy Good Health

The  World Health Organization (WHO) recently organized the World Conference on Health Promotion in China. Under the title “Health Promotion in the SDGs: Health for all and all for health”, among other things, it has served for the publication of…

Astrology and health

Astrology and health, can you predict?

They are related Astrology and health? There is a new discipline, Medical Astrology investigating the factors that characterize a disease. What expresses the chart? The natal chart of an individual expresses the characteristics of his…

Nail color

Discover your health through nail color

Since nails tell us how our health is through its color, feel free to take a balanced diet to keep them healthy and with a healthy hue. The nails are able to show the state of your…

Luteal phase

How to increase the luteal phase?

For women with a short luteal phase can be a struggle to conceive. It is essential that there be a sufficient period of time between ovulation and menstruation time expected because fertilized eggs need time to…

Treat a Flu

How to Treat a Flu

You know what you have to do to treat the flu and regain health faster? Follow these tips and you will make. How to Treat a flu without Drugs Some people still think that nothing…