Nail color
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Discover your health through nail color

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Since nails tell us how our health is through its color, feel free to take a balanced diet to keep them healthy and with a healthy hue.

The nails are able to show the state of your health, and can often indicate a disease, which can be seen through marks, lines and color changes in the nails. You can find out the state of health of a person by the color display; Find out below…

Nail color
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Changes color in the nails

White nails

Approximately 3/4 of the nails have become white, and is probably due to an infection of the nail or decreased blood supply to it, are known as Terry’s nails, which are white with reddened tips or dark and may be a sign of medical conditions, such as cirrhosis mainly liver failure, kidney or heart, diabetes , hyperthyroidism and emaciation.

Yellow nails

The most common of yellow nails, cause is a fungal infection of the nail, but may be due to frequent application of nail polish, nail psoriasis, skin inflammation, damage to the airways by lung disease, sinusitis, tuberculosis, inflammation of the thyroid, jaundice, chronic paronychia ungueal- -Infection the fold and some medicines for the treatment of discoid lupus erythematosus, as mepacrine.

Nail brown

They give exposure to certain chemicals, such as nail polish, and also in pregnancy, malnutrition and disease of the thyroid.

A black-green

The black-green nails are caused by an overgrowth of bacteria called pseudomonas, found under the nails that are loose.

Grey nails

They are caused by drugs to prevent and treat malaria or hydrochloride Minocycline, treating bacterial infections.

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Polish salmon

When the surface of the nail is salmon or appears as a drop of oil on the surface of the nail or the color of salmon, you may have psoriatic skin.

Nail white and brown

Nails that are half white and half brown near the tips may indicate kidney failure where the kidneys fail to function properly and causes an increase in small blood vessels in the nail bed; you can also see this condition in people with AIDS or after chemotherapy.

White lines in nail

The spots or white stripes can often be found and are not worrisome, but if they are white parallel lines extending along the nail, known as Lines Muehrcke indicate low protein levels in the blood due to malnutrition or disease liver.

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