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Candida Natural

Candida: Natural remedies and diet

A stressful lifestyle, poor nutrition or chronic use of certain medications (such as antibiotics, cortisone, birth control pills) may lead to the appearance of a vaginal infection known as candidiasis, and caused by the fungus…

Diet to gain weight

Diet to gain weight

It seems strange to say, but diet is not a synonym for weight loss. The word diet means diet, and if as elsewhere in the expression “on a diet” implies the desire or need to…

Protein diets

Protein diets, known risks

Protein diets are fashionable but it is very important to know, in addition to its potential benefits, what are the risks and precautions follow. When do you consider that a diet is protein? Protein diets…

Diet 2016

These are the best diet 2016

US News & World Report lists a virtually any subject. We have spent the month of January and they have published several annual reports, among them we find one of the best diets of 2016. US News…

Diet to Lose weight

Replacement meals in the Diet to Lose Weight Quickly

Until a few years ago it had only reduce portions to lose weight and move a bit ‘more to find your ideal weight in a reasonable time, now that you’re older you realize that this simple strategy…