Prenatal stimulation
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Benefits of prenatal stimulation

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Prenatal stimulation is what is done during pregnancy to enhance baby’s senses and enhance or facilitate their learning ability.

What is prenatal stimulation?

Prenatal stimulation attempts to stimulate babies from the womb in order to help develop their natural abilities and empowering them to refine their senses and mind. It also helps strengthen parental interesting links as the active participation of the father. So the baby will be familiar with the voice of his father and not just the mother who constantly hears from the uterus.

Prenatal stimulation
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What is prenatal stimulation?

They are a series of stimuli that are made through the womb. Today it is well known what time the baby begins to be sensitive to certain stimuli so you can implement activities or techniques that encourage and support the development of the baby from the womb.

The advancement of science regarding the mental processes of the baby even during pregnancy, allows reliable knowledge of the positive effects of prenatal stimulation.

Prenatal stimulation techniques

  • The kin-esthetic: Also called touch can start applying from the fifth week. Involve stroking, gently press a few points and gently massage the womb.
  • Hearing: from the sixth week can start applying. It is something that all mothers instinctively have ever done: Talk to the baby. It must be done slowly sweet and both parents whenever possible for prenatal stimulation narrow the link with the father, putting it soft and pleasant to the mother relaxing music.
  • Visual: The baby perceives light changes through the mother at 10 weeks gestation. Simple things like putting some light we can go moving through the womb, stimulate your child’s visual attention. Or for example to put the sun mother’s belly and cover intermittently with something opaque.
  • The motive: Not until the 5th month of pregnancy as it can before be harmful to your child, so you have to start them with advice when exercises childbirth preparation. The purpose of this technique prenatal stimulation is to stimulate the baby balance.

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How does it benefit my baby prenatal stimulation?

Prenatal stimulation has scientifically proven benefits. Children have optimal development of the senses, which implies greater learning ability also encouraged children because they are unafraid to explore their world. They are equipped with a very flexible when mind interact with their environment and greater perceptual acuity and concentration.

As we mentioned above the link with the father, who is usually always a little neglected in the early stages of the baby’s life is particularly close.

Our advice

All early stimulation techniques, time of application, can be combined with each other. For example put music and massage or put light and talk.

But we spend not wanting to encourage our baby because we should not over-stimulate or become stressed, or the mother either. It should be a moment of pleasure and relaxation for parents and their child. Otherwise, as a popular saying goes, “it is more harm than the disease.”

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