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The Benefits of Spices

The spices not only help us to get a variety of flavors in our dishes, but they have many healthy properties. Hence, for centuries, they have been used not only as a condiment for food,…

Juice at breakfast

Benefits of juice at breakfast

Did you know that vitamin C and antioxidants of orange is a perfect ally against aging and gastrointestinal problems? By consuming juice daily will get multiple benefits. Our grandmothers tell us that, not sick, we…

Prenatal stimulation

Benefits of prenatal stimulation

Prenatal stimulation is what is done during pregnancy to enhance baby’s senses and enhance or facilitate their learning ability. What is prenatal stimulation? Prenatal stimulation attempts to stimulate babies from the womb in order to…

Benefits of classical music

Benefits of classical music to our brain

It is well known that listening to classical music, in particular the piano music has numerous beneficial effects on our body. We know that music is relaxing and piano. Used to relieve anxiety and stress. Researchers are working to learn…