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Benefits of peppermint, its uses in the kitchen

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The benefits of peppermint and their applications in the kitchen are so diverse that rare is not listed in recipes from around the world.

The Mint

Mint, of which there are many varieties, is native to the Mediterranean and Asia and came to America the hand of the colonizers. Today its cultivation and consumption is spread throughout the world.

This plant has strong aroma symbolized in many cultures, hospitality and was offered to guests as a sign of welcome. Overseas countries in the Middle East are customary to offer a mint tea to guests. By the way, they use peppermint (a variety of mint family).

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Peppermint is used as an air freshener, for its aroma refreshes and cleans the air creating a pleasant atmosphere. It has also been used, since ancient times, to scent the bath water and, of course, as a medicinal plant.

Peppermint is an herb that should not miss in our kitchen. This herb provides a pleasant and refreshing taste to our dishes and salads.

What gives us the peppermint?

Nutrients that can bring us mint are important for a good functioning of our body and help us enjoy good health.

Its components include:

  • Has a high mineral content: manganese, potassium, iron, calcium, copper, etc.
  • Vitamins that offer mint are: vitamin A, some B vitamins and vitamin C.
  • It contains fiber, carbohydrates and free from purines.
  • Among the benefits of peppermint it stands out: it is of the few good herbs for the liver and good taste, is highly digestible and promotes lymphatic drainage.

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How can we incorporate it into our diet?

We will offer a number of ideas of how you can use peppermint in the kitchen. They are very easy ideas to implement that will allow us to enjoy all the benefits of this wonderful herb:

  • When cooked peas, green beans or other vegetables, we can add a sprig of fresh mint. The taste is exquisite.
  • We can use it to prepare tasty sauces for our meat dishes. It is ideal for the lamb.
  • We can add a chopped mint peppermint rice, chickpeas or cous cous.
  • To prepare biscuits or meringues.
  • We can add it to tomato soup, whether we take it hot or cold.
  • Sprinkle finely chopped tomatoes on salads.
  • Also we can use it to enrich the flavor of our jellies, sorbets or ice cream.
  • A yogurt sauce with mint leaves and garlic is piperita ideal for salads of cucumber.
  • And a rich mint tea will help us to freshen up and have a good digestion.
  • If we add mint leaves to a pitcher of cold water we will have a very refreshing drink.

Fresh or dried mint

To reap the full benefits of peppermint is convenient and advisable to use it fresh. We enjoy, in addition to their benefits, their delicious aroma.

Fresh mint sprigs remain several days. If we put them in a bowl of water must change the water every day. In the market also we found dried mint but thus loses much of its aroma and flavor.

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