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As a mother, it’s such a beautiful experience to give birth to a little girl. Now, you get to enjoy the pleasures of having a mini-version of yourself. You’ll get to dress her in the prettiest clothes and treat her like she’s a personal doll. Many women think this until they have the baby and struggle to maintain their sanity on four hours of sleep. If you’re sleep-deprived, know that it’s still possible to keep your daughter’s look fun and pretty. Consider these three tips.

1. Take advantage of online sales.

Take a look at all of the retailers you love. Join their email lists and get their newsletters. Pay attention when they advertise their sales, and take advantage of them. Online shopping is such a gift because you don’t have to stand in lines, wander through dressing rooms or deal with a cranky tantrum from your toddler in the middle of the store. If you need more undershirts or toddler girl leather shoes, you can easily log on to the internet from the comfort of your own bed. You can peruse the different websites and find what works perfectly for you.

2. Purchase lots of decorative headpieces.

Decorative hair bows are always beautiful on little girls. A headband is a perfect item to accessorize the rest of the outfit with. Even if you dress your little girl in a sweatsuit and sneakers, a headband makes the look more polished and pretty. Whether she’s wearing a ponytail or a curly Afro, a cloth headband will bring the look together perfectly. Purchase many headbands in various colors to add diversity to your daughter’s look.

3. Always carry a backup outfit.

It’s always important to remember that your daughter is still a toddler. Don’t make the mistake of leaving the house without a backup outfit. If she has an accident or damages her clothing, you’ll be able to breathe easy, knowing that you have something she can change into. You don’t have to carry the alternate outfit around like it is luggage. Just wrap it up tight and place it in a water-proof Ziploc. Throw the bag in your tote and keep it moving.

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