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Does it matter if your toilet is dirty?

If your business spends more time and effort on the ‘front of house’ cleaning, and neglecting your restrooms, then you are in for a shock. Suspect smells, unpleasant stains and sticky surfaces are some of…

How does caring affect your life?

Most carers are not professional care employees. They are people who care for others, unpaid, such as friends and family caring for someone who could be a relative or friend, who due to disability, disease…

New born little girl prettiest clothes

As a mother, it’s such a beautiful experience to give birth to a little girl. Now, you get to enjoy the pleasures of having a mini-version of yourself. You’ll get to dress her in the…

General Safety Tips

General Safety Tips

We value many things and giving value to a certain thing is keeping it safety at all times. There are many accidents happening in this world because people are not safety enough in their actions….