benefits of assisted living

The Benefits of Assisted Living

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Are you worried that a loved one is living too much alone? Perhaps they’re wearing the same clothes day after day, or their fridge is filled with spoiled food.

The good news is that assisted living provides a safe and healthy solution. Here are seven reasons to consider it for your senior.

Personalized Care

When seniors move into assisted living, they’re plugging into a community of people going through the same chapter of life. They’ll make new friends, get to know staff members by name and feel like they belong.

When caregivers know a resident well, their treatment makes a big difference. For example, a hearing-impaired senior may be more comfortable when seated near the TV so they can hear it better, or an older woman who struggles to walk will appreciate when staff helps her safely from one place to another.

Caregivers are also available to assist seniors with medication management, keeping appointments and helping with household chores. This helps reduce the risk of serious falls or medication mishaps at home, which can lead to serious health concerns.


Socializing can boost a senior’s mental outlook and encourage the release of healthy “feel-good” hormones. It can also motivate seniors to take care of their health by getting enough exercise, eating well and staying hydrated.

Assisted living facility Missouri typically offer group activities that can promote healthy habits and help seniors maintain their independence. These activities can also lower stress levels, which are known to lower blood pressure and improve heart health.

Seniors won’t have to worry about heavy cleaning or home maintenance. The staff takes care of these chores so seniors can focus on enjoying life and their friends. If you’re considering a move to assisted living, the National Center for Assisted Living recommends visiting facilities and talking with administrators, staff and residents multiple times.

Supportive Environment

Sometimes, a senior may require help with basic tasks like bathing and grooming. For many families, this can be a huge burden. When loved ones move into assisted living, they get the help they need without worrying about home maintenance and other chores.

In addition, the supportive environment of assisted living offers various social activities that promote a healthy lifestyle and well-being. This can reduce feelings of isolation and depression common among seniors who spend much time at home.

Healthy Meals

Those living alone often have trouble grocery shopping, getting to their doctor appointments and ensuring they get enough to eat. In assisted living, they won’t have to worry about those things.

Their care will include nutritious meals made by chefs who prepare food for seniors. These chefs will also work to ensure that every meal meets the nutritional requirements of each resident.

They’ll also be able to attend various social events and activities. This can help to keep their mind and body active, which is good for mental health and helps prevent depression and cognitive decline. This can help a senior feel happy and fulfilled in retirement, which is important for their quality of life. A healthy social life is associated with a longer lifespan and better overall health.

Peace of Mind

Whether you’re a caretaker looking to find the right fit for your loved one or you’re searching out long-term care options for yourself, the ultimate benefit of assisted living is peace of mind. Family members and senior residents rest easy knowing their loved ones are cared for in a safe and secure environment with friendly and familiar faces around them daily.

Does your aging parent forget to take their medication or skip meals? Are you worried about their safety when driving or cooking alone at home? These are telltale signs that it’s time to consider moving into an assisted living facility.

Before making a final decision, tour and talk to administrators and staff at each facility you’re considering. The National Center for Assisted Living recommends visiting multiple times and arranging to be there for mealtimes.

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