Some Unusual Van Applications

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Vans are used all over the globe for normal business operations, removals and other obscure purposes. Here are some hilarious and unusual uses of the humble van.

Vans are a great way to…

Hide from the Press

The white transit van is the most common van in the UK, with thousands of vans whizzing across the island every day. It’s said that the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge used these fans as a way to travel incognito while they lived on the Welsh island Anglesey.

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Join a boating race

Ford Transit van engineers once created an amphibious version to compete in a raft racing event in Essex.

Sell flowers

Why not turn your van into a mobile business? In 2011, an entrepreneur converted an old Dodge Ice Cream Truck into a mobile flower shop. She now tours Los Angeles, attending a variety of events and allowing customers to pick up fresh flowers. When you need Used Vans for sale Bristol, visit

Pets can be washed on the go

A mobile pet grooming service is a fun and unique way to use a van. The van can be equipped with a doggy spa, a state-of-the art water tank and an electronic grooming desk.

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Whatever you want to use a van for, make sure you choose the right van for your needs. The van might not be as unique as the ones mentioned above, but it does the job!

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