compression socks
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The compression socks for running

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Much more than an accessory, these particular socks ensures optimum performance during – and a quicker recovery after – training, in addition to maintaining healthy our legs.

The after-effects of stroke

Running is a healthy activity, which is good for the body and the spirit, it brings us out in the open air (taking away from the couch), and makes us feel fit. With the right dose of accumulated fatigue, though, that at the end of training is felt more than a little. In addition, if you aim to become a real runner, you should not neglect the overall health of their legs, muscles and joints of the lower limbs; in fact, they are subjected to continuous and heavy stresses during the race as they face entirely with every stride weight of the body that “falls” on the support foot. It takes attention, therefore, as well as a fair dosage of the various training sessions to avoid side effects and decrease accordingly also the feeling of fatigue. And then there is the following: it will go, the muscles are full of “waste” to be eliminated (lactic acid in particular) and require adequate nutrients to recover the best from the effort.

compression socks
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It’s all about movement

Therefore, the question arises: is there a way to eliminate waste and provide the nourishment of the above at the same time? Yes, it is 100% natural and is called … blood circulation! It is thanks to the fact that the blood substances in the body are “moved” where they serve, as in a large-organized warehouse. Not only that the blood carries oxygen, which goes to “feed” our muscles helping them burn more energy without feeling tired too soon.

It is at this point that enters “on track” – it must be said, talking about running! – Compression stockings, more precisely “graduated compression”: much more than a simple accessory for running, are an indispensable ally of the runner to intervene because they go right on the circulation in the lower legs (from the calf to the ankle and foot). But how exactly and under what circumstances prove more useful?

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As a massage

The compression stockings graduated, as the name suggests, are made in order to “dress up” in a perfect way the leg, thanks to elastic fabrics but very resistant and at the fact that they are constructed virtually “tailored” so as to adhere as much as possible in feet, ankles and calves. Their task is indeed to compress muscles, gradually (in some stronger points, in others less) and constant (thus also have to adapt to the movement of the joints), providing a kind of uninterrupted massage until they are worn. The action of compression stimulates circulation, especially venous (which must go back to the heart, so it needs a lot of power … to defy gravity!): By doing so promotes the flow of nutrients and the “discharge” of waste accumulated in the tissues of the leg. The all without affecting the breathability (the materials with which are produced the socks they leave “breathe” perfectly the skin) and with benefits also in terms of tissue integrity (reduces the risk of trauma and muscular micro-lesions, very frequent during intense exercise).

Careful how you wear

There are many who have understood the usefulness of compression socks for the race, even among these world-class athletes: the case perhaps best known is that of Paula Radcliffe, the British world record holder in the women’s marathon. Moreover, the effectiveness of this technical garment stems largely from the fact that is inspired by the elastic compression stockings used in medicine to prevent swelling and circulatory disorders such as venous stasis. The benefits, therefore, are tested.

But not automatic: it is not enough to wear them to make sure that they perform pro-circulation function, you have to wear them in the right way; What is not at all easy as one might be led to think. So much so that the network run several video “tutorial” where they teach their own to wear compression socks: just watch one to realize that dress them up is a procedure to be followed carefully. Otherwise, the risk is of getting the opposite results, with stockings that tightening in the wrong places would go to obstruct the blood flow!

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