Hydration in summer
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Hydration in summer: Tasty ideas to keep you hydrated

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Hydration in summer: ideas to keep well hydrated with water, flavored and fruit-based smoothies and seasonal vegetables water.

The human body is 55-60% water, an essential element for life. Water has different functions in the body of a human being: of course, is part of the blood, responsible for carrying nutrients and oxygen to the various parts of our body. The water in our body also serves to lubricate joints, nourish the brain and spinal cord and one of the most important functions and we all know that of thermoregulation or maintenance of the ideal temperature of the body. Therefore, it is very important that we maintain good hydration in summer.

In the summer months, when it’s warmer and temperatures rise, our body must activate thermoregulatory mechanisms to maintain an ideal temperature of these mechanisms is sweating. The body, at high temperatures, sweats production requests, consisting of water and minerals, which helps to lower body temperature and keep refrigerated. It is estimated that an adult can lose about 1.5 liters of water at the time when producing sweat. Moreover, it is important that reprograms that water to regain balance in our body.

Hydration in summer
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Ideas for summer rehydrate

We must be aware that the best way to stay hydrated, ahead of any other source of hydration is to drink water, neither sugary drinks or drinks replenishes (in the case that we are not athletes), and of course alcoholic beverages. Also, we have a good system that allows us to drink tap water almost anywhere in the country. Drinking water is the best way to ensure good hydration in the summer (and all year).

The other major source of water for our organism is in the food, we usually get at least one fifth of the water needed in summer. Foods that contain a greater amount of water and can promote our hydration are fruits and vegetables, especially the season: not in vain, watermelon, a fruit found only in the warmer months, is the most water containing therein, with 95% water content.

How can we use water and fruits and vegetables for us to stay hydrated? There are many people who find it hard to drink all the water they need each day, and not even drink when thirsty. In your case, one of the best things we can do is flavor our water naturally. In a large bottle, at least half liter, we can introduce our favorite fruit slices to give a touch of flavor: this works very well especially if we choose citrus fruits like orange, lemon, grapefruit, etc. We can also choose to get frozen fruit slices (leaving them overnight in the freezer) or make homemade ice cubes with fruit inside.

Another way to flavor our water, very pleasant in summer, is adding a little natural fruit juice to our bottle. So we can make a very light homemade lemonade using only a half liter of water and juice of half a lemon (juice lemons choose which contain a higher amount). If the lemonade is too acidic and we do not want to add too many calories, we can choose to add a few drops of stevia or sweetener liquid.

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The smoothies: The perfect snack

Eating the whole fruit, skin and pulp, it is one of the best decisions we can make (not just in summer, but any time of year), and for this the smoothies are a good choice in the summer. Unlike juices, which discard the peel and pulp of the fruit, to make the smoothies use the whole fruit, so that we retain all the fiber and nutrients? The texture of these smoothies obviously be much stronger and thicker than juice.

To make our smoothies summer is best to take advantage of seasonal fruit and proximity : we just have to cut it, put it in the glass of our mixer (look for one that does not heat the product when it is beating or have enough power to crush ice), add a liquid base as water, milk or some tea such as green tea, introduce vegetables or nuts to taste, if we wish, and beat. In this way we will be consuming the whole fruit, a good amount of water with lots of flavor and have a good choice to consume fruits and vegetables at snack time or mid-morning.

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