Want to try a weekend away with family, out on the water, enjoying nature at its best.

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You want to take your young family away for the weekend and let the children experience the beauty of nature while having fun together out and about on the water. The one and only problem that is stopping your plans being fulfilled is your old family car!  For short local journeys it’s ok and fairly reliable but for a whole weekend away full of water-based activities you really don’t want to risk it.  Don’t despair, there is a very simple solution, contact a Van Hire Bristol company such as https://www.autolynecarvanrental.co.uk/van-hire-bristol and hire one of their many vans that is suitable for your needs. Take the van wherever you want to go and at the end of your weekend just return it, having shared some fabulous, fun times together, making memories that will last for a long time.

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Once your van is hired then the weekend away can go ahead, travel down to Salcombe Bay in Devon, where you can paddle your canoes along the Salcombe Estuary.  Explore secret beaches while experiencing nature at its best, with soaring cliffs to wonder at as you glide effortlessly along the calm waters. You could even follow one of the downloadable maps that the National Trust has created. If you fancy travelling just a little further then try Studland Bay in Dorset, here you will find a four-mile stretch of golden sandy coastline, and a gently shelving beach inviting you all into the crystal blue waters.  Splash about together while enjoying the spectacular views of Old Harry Rocks and the Isle of Wight.

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Take your hired van even further and drive down to the Fowey estuary in Cornwall, where peaceful wooded creeks line your path, keep your eyes peeled for otters, or even a pod of dolphins as you paddle upriver towards Lostwithiel, Lerryn, and Pont Pill.  As you have the use of your hired van for a whole weekend then why not travel up to the Derwent Water in the lake District?  Apart from the incredibly stunning scenery of the Borrowdale valley you may spot wildfowl in the sheltered bays, red squirrels in the woodlands and even otters if you’re very lucky, swimming in the lakes with the very rare vendace fish.

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