How to spot a potential pick pockey in your shop

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If you run a shop, you probably have had discussions about ways in which you can deter shoplifters. For some, this is employing security staff that can walk around the store to keep an eye on potential shoplifters and for others, it may be using CCTV and a Security Seal like the ones from on your high-value products. But you might be wondering if there are some tell-tale signs that you can look out for when it comes to identifying a potential shoplifter.

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It is important to keep your eyes open for suspicious behaviour but not automatically assume someone is going to steal from the store if they display any of the following behaviour.

If an individual or group of individuals appears to be continually watching you and the staff that you have in the store it might be an indication that they are looking to see what your movements are. This could be to grab an opportunity when they can to steal an item or it could be to use this information on another day. Equally, if you find that one person is continually attracting your attention it might be that their accomplice is getting ready to setal an item elsewhere in the shop.

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Other behaviour to be suspicious of is if the individual seems to be wandering around your store but taking very little notice of the products that you have to offer, if they come into your store time and time again but never buy anything and if they ask you to show them items that are stored in security cabinets but then don’t buy anything on repeated occasions.

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