Best GPS tracking devices for cars

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Choosing a GPS tracker will depend on what you need the tracker for. Are you worried about your driving skills and want to save money? Do you wish to monitor other users? Are you concerned about where your teenager goes at night? Are you at risk of car theft? Different GPS tracking systems will suit your specific needs. Here are some of the options available.

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Tracking Teenagers

One of the most common reasons to buy a GPS tracker is to track a young driver. Some insurance providers will offer GPS tracking to drivers in the form of a black box to monitor their driving and base pricing on the outcome. If you wish to choose a tracker yourself, you will want to have the following features included:

•       A tracker that will have real-life data beamed to your tablet/smartphone so that you know where the vehicle is always during the day and night.
•       A tracker that alerts you to engine problems and sets reminders for maintenance.
•       Inbuilt speeding notifications.
•       Theft alarm.

The trackers can be used to track the vehicle but also to identify driving patterns that need improving such as adherence to speed limits and road usage. Using vehicle interior accessories such as those from could be vital for your peace of mind.

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Coaching GPS systems

Not just for teens, these GPS systems will alert you to your poor driving, such as speeding, breaking too heavily and generally unsafe practices. As well as alerts, it can offer coaching based on how you are performing. It is an ideal GPS for both inexperienced drivers and those who are unsure of themselves. Look for:

•       Tracker alerts in real time such as traffic and location.
•       Speeding notifications.
•       Geo-fencing.
•       Coaching options.

Other Options

Mileage trackers are excellent for business use to track usage of a fleet, providing an alternative to a traditional driving log so the driver doesn’t have to worry about filling one in. Generally working via Wi-Fi, the tracker will upload a report when a vehicle has returned. This isn’t suitable for real-time usage, but if the reports are comprehensive it can be used for insurance and taxes. Connected adapters offer you the normal service of a GPS. It can turn your lights on and run an engine check as well as phoning you after an accident.

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