5 Reasons to start Irish dancing

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It is never too late to start a new activity, a hobby- so is Irish dance. It is Ireland’s business card and manages to win admiration and love around the world. Usually, those who want to become professionals and participate in championships start dancing from the age of 5-7. However, this is not a rule, but a custom/ habit practiced by Irish families who want to pass on the traditions to small children. Whether you want to start dancing for your health, for making new friends or just to retain Irish traditions here are 5 reasons why you should it today.

Stay in shape

The most obvious reason to start Irish dancing is improving your health condition and specifically to stay in shape. There a lot of deities and fitness programs designed for those who want to lose weight and stay in shape after they reached their proper weight, but some of them are too harsh and even dangerous for your health. It’s important to have a well-balanced regular dinner but it’s also important to stay active, to train your body and your muscles. This is why Irish Dance is great, it allows you to train your entire body. Overtime you will notice the flexibility, strength, endurance of your body. Due to the moves and steps performed in Irish dance your bones and muscles become stronger. Irish Dance makes a powerful cardiovascular practice as a result of the rhythm, promptitude and reoccurrence of patterns executed. In an one hour Irish dance antrenament a dancer usually loses 500 calories.

Prevent Spine Diseases

The posture is an essential element of Irish dance. People often have fun about that Irish dancers use only the lower part of the body while the hands are fixed. Which is not true, the dancer’s hands play an important role in the dance, ensuring balance and coordination. The back is even more vital for a dancer, as it helps the muscles perform repetitive and fast movements in the dance. Due to this position, the dancer’s back is always in an upright position, which ensures an ideal posture and helps prevent spinal diseases such as scoliosis, kyphosis or lordosis- deviations of the spine that affect about half of the world’s population and are the causes of other diseases.

Learn to lose and win

If you have always wanted to take participation in Irish dance championships and ambition dictates you to always be a winner, Irish dance can help you test your skills and capacity but also to learn lessons. And the most important lesson to be found out is to learn to lose, to stand up and to keep dancing. The competitive spirit is an important trait that can wing you but at the same time, destroy, if not a healthy one. And the pleasure of dancing will compensate for an unsuccessful experience.

Be part of a community 

The Irish community is famous for the values ​​it promotes and the solidarity it shows. Irish communities in Ireland, the US, Canada and other countries gather together during both traditional holidays such as St. Patrick’s Day but also on ordinary days when people organize spontaneous meetings. This makes it so united and unique. Irish dance offers the right space and atmosphere to find friends who are passionate about the same things, which guarantees you friends for life. And through dance you manage to keep the core of the Irish community alive – the culture. 

Traditional Irish Outfits and Music 

One of the favorite reasons to dance especially loved by fashionistas is the traditional Irish costumes that they use in dance. The traditional Irish dance outfit consists of several essential elements: dance shoes, dance dresses for girls, colored shirt and black dress pants for boys and accessories.

Irish Dance Shoes are the core element of any dance outfit. A correctly chosen pair of shoes will ensure you an easy dance, full of grace and rhythm, while a wrongly chosen pair of shoes will prevent a dancer from showing his mastery and it is very possible to cause unwanted traumas and pains. Look online to find an extensive range of Irish Dance shoes and be sure to show the best of you.

Irish dance dress and colored shirt are usually adorned with traditional Irish symbols like the Shamrock, Trinity Knot, Claddagh and more. They use to be green or you can find a lot of colors to gain the attention of the public. These are tailored according to ancestral custom, which adds authenticity and charm. Their most important element is the convenience. Both the dresses and the shirts are made of fabrics that ensure breathability, insulation, comfort and perfect fit.

The easiest way to make an outfit as original and interesting as possible for the public is to decorate it with accessories. Brooches, wigs, headbands, competitions numbers, socks, all these are chose with the precise goal to be unique and gather the attention. And we love as much as you do.

Did we convince you? Are you ready to start a new adventure? Say yes to a healthy body and mind and be ready to become part of the beautiful Irish community wherever you are. Start Irish dancing today!

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