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You might not have given flooring a second thought but if you’re thinking about moving home or redecorating you should consider how the flooring will make a huge difference to the overall look and feel of the decor.


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There have been huge advances in the range and quality of flooring available, allowing you to tailor your floor to whatever you use the room for – practical in living spaces, more luxurious in the bedrooms. Floors can now have a huge impact on the style of your home, and even on its value.

The good news is that there are tremendous advances across the board, and updating your floor can have a tremendous impact on your home’s style and value. It can also improve your well-being, comfort and convenience.

Starting Out

There are more choices than ever before for flooring in your home, so before choosing, give some thought to how much wear the space will take, and does it need to have special moisture impact? Do you need a flooring that is easy to maintain? Is your family likely to walk on it barefoot? The way you use each room, and consequently the flooring you need, will depend on your family, so make the right choice for you.


Natural products like wood, and stone, are traditionally very popular for living areas, though natural products can be more expensive than man-made equivalents. Property developers and landlords will often opt for laminate flooring or vinyl to get a comparable modern look for a much lower price. Laminate can be a great option for those working on a budget, or those looking for a low-maintenance option.

Green Options

Environmentally friendly flooring is big business. Homeowners are more aware of what they are buying and where it comes from. Green options are easy to come by now, and are easy to spot because of their sustainability labels or an indication that they are made from renewable sources.

Bamboo is a popular choice these days for its moisture repellent qualities, its durability, and its renewable credentials.

For more on the latest trends in flooring, refer to New Home Source. Alternatively, look at the available range online on sites like UK Flooring Direct and others.

Once you have chosen the flooring for your rooms, you can add furniture and then start accessorising to complete your look.

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