The five best museums in Birmingham

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Birmingham is a city with a huge number of activities to enjoy and visitors who love culture will never be sort of something to do. From art galleries to museums, there are so many options that every day can be filled with exciting, creative and informative days out. Read on for five great museums to explore in Birmingham.

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1.Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery is home to an extensive collection of art works, including a magnificent collection of pre-Raphaelite art, Renaissance masterpieces and contemporary art. There is also the Birmingham History Galleries, which displays local treasures and exhibits from the last 500 years of Birmingham life. Don’t miss the delightful Edwardian Tea Room for lunch or afternoon tea.

2. Barber Institute of Fine Arts

The lesser-known Barber Institute of Fine Arts contains extensive and impressive collections of 19th century art and old masters. Founded in 1932, this art gallery is in the University of Birmingham at Edgbaston.

3. Museum of the Jewellery Quarter

The Museum of the Jewellery Quarter includes a tour of the famous jewellery factory with a look at the old equipment and machinery. Birmingham is the centre of England’s jewellery industry and you can learn how the artisans create the perfect jewellery pieces with a 200-year history of craftsmanship.

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If you are looking to stay in Birmingham, there are many options for accommodation, including hotels and apartments. Many people prefer to stay in furnished Birmingham Serviced Apartments, such as, as they have a more home-from-home feel than a traditional hotel or B&B. After visiting our first three recommended museums, more options for cultural trips include the Coffin Works and Pen Museum.

4.Coffin Works

Restored by Birmingham Conservation Trust and opened in 2014, Coffin Works is an authentic Victorian coffin fittings factory where you can see the original tools of the trade and working machinery. This factory produced coffin furniture and fittings for the funerals of the Queen Mother, Princess Diana, Chamberlain and Churchill.

5.Pen Museum

Birmingham’s Pen Museum showcases items from the history of calligraphy and pens, with over 5,000 exhibits on show. This museum shows you the history of nib and quill making in the city and you can even have a go at using the ancient writing implements and learn the old techniques of penmanship.

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