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Why drink vegetable milk?

vegetable milk
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This really seems to me a good topic to deal with, now that it is becoming quite common to encounter in the supermarket or in the same bar alternative to the classic milk. But why? It is perhaps a new fashion?

I would say no, I just think a good alternative to any breakfast drink is a way to drink less milk, not coffee, not tea … and to try new flavors!

Certainly, it is an important drink in the case of lactose intolerance, but if you read my article “Animal protein,” you already know what my point of view on the milk and dairy products: minimize them! As I have already commented in that article, the various types of vegetable milk are less caloric (but not devoid of calories), saturated fat (but of good rich in unsaturated fats for the organism) and rich in protein, minerals, vitamins.

My advice is to alternate every week the type of vegetable milk to drink and not to buy such always and only to soybean; in my opinion, any excess food consumed can have a contraindication, especially if we are not sure of the product quality.

I personally have started drinking the milk plant a few years ago, I am impressed by the taste and then I noticed that cows’ milk I would always be heavier drinking than to digest (today it is difficult to try the flavor, but it may happen that a nice cappuccino or hot chocolate remind me of its existence). With time, however, the vegetable milk I liked it so much that he decided to prepare it at home … and this is one reason why I write this article. But let’s go step by step …

vegetable milk

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Vegetable milk: Properties of the 5 most drunk

Soya milk

Good substitute for milk due to the quality protein it contains. Normally it is enriched with calcium or other minerals and trace elements that increase the nutritional value. Recommended in menopause or in the premenstrual period, thanks to the isoflavones (natural estrogen) which is abundant. It helps to lower cholesterol and control blood sugar levels.

Rice milk

Sweet taste, does not contain gluten, it is low in calories and is very digestible. Ideal for people with a sensitive stomach or slow digestion. Rich in B vitamins and L-tryptophan, it helps to balance the nervous system and in a calm start to the day.

Oat milk

Oats are one of the most complete cereal in nature, with a very high nutritional value. This is why considered an energy drink, delicate flavor, especially ideal for students, sportsmen or people who are already tired at first light in the morning.

Almond milk

A milk rich in minerals such as calcium and iron, with an intense sweet taste, is shown while growing up, in case of anemia and osteoporosis, and for all those who need energy.

Quinoa milk

Quinoa is famous for its extraordinary content in high biological value protein, being rich in all essential amino acids. Therefore recommended diets for vegetarian or vegan, but also in case of sports.

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There are many ways to prepare a vegetable milk, I will describe the method that I use personally every week in the house and I’ll tell you a bit ‘my experience …

First, do not complication life! With an ordinary blender or hand blender and a carafe you can do: Normally you leave to soak overnight cereal or dried fruit you want to use (but not in all cases) and in the morning you blend it all, It is filtered through a sieve and heat!

Now we move on to some more details …

  • You can spice up the milk with cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla … or enrich it with cocoa, corn coffee, coffee …
  • You can make it sweeter by adding at the end of unrefined sugar preparation, honey, stevia, rice syrup, agave syrup …
  • You can prepare for several days (3 or 4) and store it in the refrigerator in a tightly closed glass bottle. It can happen in this case that the less liquid part of milk is deposited in the fund, but just shake before use!
  • It is recommended always use bottled water or if the tap, it is good to drink

And finally we go to the quantities … how much water? As cereal or dried fruit? This is my experience, try this and then tried changing the doses to your taste or mixing the ingredients with each other (for example: rice milk with almonds).

MILK OATS: 1 tablespoon of oat flakes per cup of water; You can be prepared directly in the morning and does not serve soak the flakes.

ALMOND MILK: 15-20 almonds for each cup of water. In this case it is critical that the almonds have been put to soak the night before. They can either be peeled (white) that their skins: If you do not want an overly intense taste better to use those white or peel like in the video, but if the quality is good (organic and pesticide-free) and you like the intense flavor of almonds, then I suggest you blend them well in their skins.

RICE MILK: 1 tablespoon of rice INTEGRAL per cup of water; let it soak overnight.

NUT MILK: 5 nuts per cup of water; let it soak overnight.

SPELT MILK: 1 tablespoon of spelled flakes for each cup of water. No need to soak the flakes, to do the morning directly.

I will continue to try other flavors and to add information here … and you’re ready find out which milk you like best?

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