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It is easy to quit smoking – personal experience

quit smoking
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There are a lot of ways to quit smoking by replacing tobacco cigarettes to electronic mental attitude. In this article I want to talk about personal experiences in the fight against tobacco.

So, I start smoking in their full 20. In the general education institution and the institution on the smoking women, I always looked with disgust. Picture deplorable, for it is the future mothers.

However, in the 20 years I myself found myself on a par with smoking women. Initially just a desire to smoke in the future of 2-3 cigarettes during the workday began to smoke. Later it began and on Fridays, Saturdays smoking for the company, in nightclubs and restaurants.

And now, in 25 years, my reasoning led to the conclusion that it is time to tie addiction. Specially poison your body without any benefit or pleasure – what can be more stupid?

quit smoking

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Wanted – and stopped smoking. Absolutely painless and easy. In a hurry to share their experiences with you, because I would like to at least one smoker who wants to quit to be useful. How was it to tell in order.

1) In deciding to do away with the destructive habit, go to a small trick. Take with itself a word that only spend check. Without cigarettes a week.

The thought just a week from the beloved habits to give for the sake of the experiment is much easier to read than a decision not to take the cigarette in his mouth until the end of his life.

During the scheduled week (to prove it is necessary that the power of the will is) life is divided into “new” and “cigarette”, and willy-nilly, you’ll be able to compare all of the positive aspects of the “new” life, and lived a week will be filled with respect and pride to yourself.

2) Cheered yourselves. You’re making a big deal and worthy of praise. Get yourself your dream, which previously did not dare to buy. Go to the Bahamas in a highly anticipated, unexpected vacation, buy a mink coat, do the tuning of the machine – depending on your interests and abilities. Reward yourself in a similar way, step back, you simply do not have the moral right.

3) The number of cigarettes smoked cut back gradually. The physical addiction I do not believe, however, has not been canceled psychological dependence. Strive to survive till the evening, give yourself a “fair” word that later a cigarette, and as far as possible, this time pull the. That and look – and quite forget.

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4) Start to play sports. And you get the pleasure, and the figure will be tightened to the same rapprochement and smoking. (Smoking and sport combine not much, because you do not give preference to a cigarette instead of a sports figure?)

5) Home cannot smoke. If my daily intake of cigarettes smoked cigarettes amounted to a maximum of 5, then when visiting aunts and uncles – all day resin, as they smoked in the morning at home.

6) During the celebratory feasts minimizes the amount of alcohol. Somehow it happens that smoke want more from a greater use of alcohol. When in everyday situations you drink a cup of tea or juice and completely happy life without cigarettes imagine, even the drinking of wine, a hand for a cigarette and stretches. Output is only one – to forget about these two habits in one fell swoop. Or, at least, they do not combine.

Countless warnings from the category of “what are the lungs of smokers”, “menacing labels on cigarette packs,” etc. in fact, not very effective turn. In heavy smokers to this main argument – we live once, die healthy silly. The explanation is simple: a man trying to impose on someone else’s opinion, in some way to convince him, but such methods have never brought good results. Therefore, the next item is one of the most important.

7) Quit smoking yourself, and only yourself have to want. You must be such a desire, not imposed from the outside. Pros enormous amount – for me, for someone, it is useless hobby that does not bring nothing but harm, for some it may be a concern for appearance, and someone does not want to rest a bad example to show any concern for the the future or just his own, which is also important. The main thing – is the presence of your desire and motivation is present.

And as soon as you want to quit smoking for real, you do of course, because there will be obstacles when there is a desire.

And one more thing. If you quit smoking so that in all seriousness are not ready, then do “cancellation of smokes” once a month. And in these days of non-smokers, their mood and well-being for themselves mark – and eventually will correct direction of thought.

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