Conscious nutrition
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Conscious nutrition, because it is better than a diet

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I do not get along with the diets.

Not that they do not serve, indeed I think they are very useful when there are health problems or diseases that make it necessary to follow a specific diet (for example in the case of diabetes, high cholesterol, endocrine problems, etc.)

Sometimes, however, more frequently than you can imagine, those who come to study from me have recourse to diets not because of health problems but for other reasons: because they wanted to feel more beautiful, thin, better.

Here, in all these cases, I prefer conscious diet to the diet.

I’ll explain what it is about showing you three (substantial!) Differences with traditional diets. If you like these differences then you are also a person of conscious nutrition (welcome to the club)!

Conscious nutrition
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It’s a dress that’s right for you

Conscious nutrition does not have strict rules to follow for a few months. It is not the uniform of the school to wear from September to June but it is the best dress you can have, made to measure for you. A dress that fits who you are.

Diet, on the other hand, is usually perceived as a “sacrifice” to be done for a period, hoping it will be enough to return to be like “do you want”. (But then you know exactly how you want to be you or do you know how you want to appear?).

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It’s a journey

Conscious nutrition is not limited to looking at the body, the appearance, the kilos that seem to separate you from the most beautiful yourself. It is a journey of self-knowledge: learning to know and decipher the signals of the body, such as emotions that can influence the choice of food, learn to choose the food you love and that “loves you”.

In my opinion, conscious nutrition is the most beautiful journey you can make in the food sector. That allows you to know yourself better and be serene with you and with others.

The diet is usually more schematic, a program to follow without wondering what the body or the mind feels. It is, to me, as boring as the road to the office (and often if you find an accident, you are also trapped in traffic, arriving late at your destination).

It is living life

There are no sacrifices, but choices. With conscious nutrition, you can go out to dinner with friends, you can stay in the company. In fact, conscious nutrition teaches you to make the best choices for you in every situation.

How many times did you ever say no to a restaurant night because you were on a diet? Here, conscious nutrition does not force you to say no but it makes you say yes, yes to you, to friends, to choosing the best food for you on any occasion.

What is your relationship with the diets? Let me know commenting on this post!

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