Dressing for the occassion – What to wear at a barn wedding

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If you’ve decided on a barn wedding, you are probably being asked by your guests what they should wear? Many people have preconceived ideas of what is expected at a traditional wedding – formal wear for a church, for example. If they’ve never been to a barn wedding before, they might be wondering if the dress code is different.

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Think about the location you have chosen and decide if you do, in fact, need to provide guests with any additional information regarding their attire. The biggest issue is most likely going to be footwear. If the site is muddy, nobody wants to deal with dirty hems and heels getting stuck. If you think wellies might be wise and ankle length dresses are best avoided, don’t forget to tell your guests. For information on a Kent Barn Wedding, visit theploughatleigh.com/barn-wedding-venue-kent/

If you’ve gone for a particularly rustic feel, you might want to forget metallics, satin and an overindulgence of bling. These are great for ballrooms or swanky hotels but choose your fabrics and colours wisely for a barn wedding. Think natural, soft, pastel shades for dresses and decorations alike.

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For the men, there is no need for a tux for a more relaxed barn wedding. The guys might be just as happy in a lighter coloured suit or trousers and a waistcoat, for example. The key to getting it right is to know what not to wear as much as knowing what works well. A barn wedding does not have to be a super formal occasion. You can still look smart but have a little more fun with it.

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