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False myths on nutrition

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The diet is rich in myths, we find them everywhere, from the combinations between foods, the positive or negative role of a particular food in the diet, the prejudices of a particular food, lifestyles by having absolutely follow, I will list here in some, but certainly many others inadvertently omit them.

The eggs increase cholesterol

Perhaps one of the most ancient myths and rooted, the eggs are undoubtedly a food rich in cholesterol, but unlike what many think, the dietary cholesterol acts only partially on blood cholesterol. Also the eggs are rich in mono unsaturated fatty acids, which have positive effects on set lipid in the blood and also of lecithin useful to eliminate excess cholesterol in the circulation. What we really have to be careful to control blood cholesterol, are first of all the simple sugars and saturated fats.

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Dried fruits are calorie

It is true that nuts are rich in calories but, unlike the empty calories, it is equally true that it is a concentrate of useful properties for our body, minerals such as magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, vitamin E, fiber, phytosterols, polyunsaturated fatty acids such as Omega 3, in particular, correlated with an increase of HDL in the circulation and a decrease of LDL, also, help to decrease the abdominal circumference, all this if included in a balanced diet, which is also provided for the healthy physical activity.

To eliminate water retention, just remove the salt and drink more

We heard often? Well, completely eliminate the salt and drink more water, it helps to dilute the few salts (sodium in particular) which remain in the circulation. This mechanism pushes the long run, the kidney to pick up this difference, by implementing a number of mechanisms that lead the body to retain the little sodium and the liquids with you, the end result in practice is what we wanted to avoid. The solution is not to exceed in the quantities of salt (no more than 5g per day of salt) and drinking normal amounts of water, without forcing, considering also that many foods are rich in water.

Alkaline diet against many diseases

The alkaline diet would depart from the principle of having to alkalize the blood through the privilege of certain foods to be healthy and reduce disease. But our blood is stabilized on a very narrow range of pH, between 7.35 and 7.45, and does everything possible to keep it in that range. When varies, even if only slightly, towards the acidity or the basicity towards, active immediately of buffer systems, one lung (faster) and one kidney (slower), able to modify the pH variation, simply decreasing or increasing the respiratory rate, or by increasing or decreasing the excretion of H + ions or bicarbonate ions in the kidney, bringing it back to normal levels without consequences for our health. Only in particular diseases, such as kidney failure or respiratory, the pH moves towards critical levels, since, the organ functioning less efficiently, no longer able to eliminate the excess of the ions listed above, bringing the body towards alkalosis or acidosis. So if we do not suffer from these disorders the pH of our blood, we will move towards levels dangerous to our health.

The pineapple burns fat

It is the diktat of the end of each meal, but in fact this fruit came from far does not do miracles, getting rid of the fat present in what we ate before. Having said that though, let’s do not disappear from our diet, in fact, as well as good levels of potassium and vitamin C, it contains bromelain protease can degrade proteins in the meal, promoting digestion. Beware, the higher levels of bromelain are in the middle that we tend to throw, just chew more to benefit from its properties.

Fruit juice to snack

The packaged fruit juices do not replace the fruit, in fact, lack of fiber, enriched with sugars and depleted of vitamins. So if we drink a juice hoping to eat a food more “light” it is not so. Try to eat fresh fruit in season, unless the juice is not made “in house” and with fresh fruit!

Eat only salad for weight loss

It is not only eating salad or vegetables only, that you can lose weight, you lose weight, that yes, but not only fat, and it also will lose a portion of lean mass, what we need to preserve for a slimming quality. The solution is a balanced diet adapted to our daily activities and set by an expert, of course combined with physical activity.

Fruit in quantity

Like anything else, you should not eat fruits in excessive quantities is a food rich in water, fiber, vitamins and minerals, but also of simple sugars, that we have to limit in the diet every day.

Today I finish here, but you will know some other myth to dispel?

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