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Animal Protein

Animal Protein
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To get a more complete view on protein, you should, if you have not already done so, find a list of the main functions of proteins, learn the meaning of “biological value” and discover how to deduce it from plant foods.

If you want to learn more about what are the proteins of animal origin, Find out the main faults and virtues read on …


The meat is a food rich in proteins with a high biological value, water, lipids, B vitamins (B 12) and iron.

Despite this, however, there are many defects that we encounter…

  • It is rich in saturated fatty acids, sodium and cholesterol
  • It does not contain fiber and antioxidants
  • Daily consumption can give phenomena of putrefaction within the intestines, the accumulation uric acid in the joints and require excessive work by the liver and kidneys to eliminate toxins that are produced
  • From an energy point of view, the protein of the animal species most similar to ours, are those that interact more with the hormonal and energy system, causing a weakening of the body

Animal Protein

Image Source: Google Image

In addition, after a good binge of meat, it is not difficult to notice an increase in thirst, a reduction in the amount of urine (stronger odor, dark color), increased body heat, a troubled sleep or an increase in sexual desires. All this happens because the body is withholding water to dilute and remove excess proteins in the nervous system is trying to re-establish a balance.

But the biggest problem on the consumption of meat, is actually the amount of substances that we can find in it without even knowing it: hormones, antibiotics, dyes, preservatives, pesticides and saturated fats.

How to do so? The quality of what we eat is nowadays the most important thing that we should seek. In general, if you really do not want to give up a good plate of meat, we should make sure of its origin: to be healthy animals raised in a natural way or in freedom and fed with good feed. My advice is to look for a good butcher, who can show you all of this (with leaflets, labels or certifications BIO) and abandon that packaged meat and with long maturities.

Ultimately consumes especially white meat (chicken, turkey, rabbit, etc.), Less red ones, minimize derivatives such as cold cuts and remember that once the meat was a luxury, consumed only a few times a month (1 time week) .

The fish

A good alternative to meat is certainly the fish, easier to digest, with a lower protein content but rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and minerals.

Unfortunately because of the pollution of the seas, many toxic substances and heavy metals accumulate in the fat of animals irreversibly during their lifetime. For this, in general, do not overdo it with the consumption of large high fat fish (such as salmon) and it is preferable to eat fish a few times per month (2 times a week) with a preference for small fish.

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The eggs

It is a very complete food, full of protein of good biological value, vitamins A and D and minerals; the egg white is rich in protein and cholesterol yolk.

In excess, however, it can overload the kidneys, liver and heart. Again better to consume a few units per month (2-3 per week) and look for the quality!

Learn to read the codes you find on each egg, avoid those generated by hens fed with feed urchins antibiotics and hormones and forced to live in cages or sheds under lights always on (codes 3 GB and 2 GB).

It consumes only eggs from hens fed with healthy and reared outdoors (1 GB code) or biological (0 EN Code).

Milk and dairy products

As regards the milk my advice to all is to reduce it to a minimum or eliminate it from the diet in the case of tumors, chronic diseases, allergies or respiratory diseases. Really, an adult does not need to drink milk to grow! It is a good complete food for the baby but, as we all know, with age may develop true lactose intolerance (due to the decrease in the production of the enzyme lactose, which is essential for proper assimilation and digestibility some milk).

Also if this white liquid, apparently so candid, it is of industrial origin, we can meet inside hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, pus (caused by animal mastitis), preservatives and other additives.

It is scientifically proven that the abuse of dairy products can lead to allergies, inflammation, asthma, sinusitis, allergies, problems at the level of the immune system … and even tumors.

This in large part because the saturated fats stimulate the formation of inflammatory mediators (and thus the triggering of inflammation) and some milk proteins (such as casein) are immunogenic and clear weaken the immune system.

If you just cannot help it, my advice is again to look for the quality and use of dairy products only as additional condiments and not as a main course!

Also nowadays you can find a variety of vegetable milk impressive one more than good (almond, hazelnut, rice, oats, barley, soy, quinoa…); are less in calories, saturated fat, rich in protein. The ideal would be every week a different drink milk and not obsessing with one in particular, and also in this case, search for the highest quality (preferably organic).

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