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The fall season – Tips for the family

The fall season
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We are in full autumn, and once again we decided to give advice to the health of the whole family. If it is important to treat your body with proper nutrition, it is essential to fully enjoy every season through our senses, savoring the tastes, smells and colors. As always we want to go beyond simple wellness tips for what you can do good to their lifestyle overall.

The autumn stands out to be a season with warm colors like red and orange, and is characterized by a mild climate. This can be seen by taking a stroll in the green areas too close to home that testify to these changes. But often to feel the autumn, we must “seek it”, immersing himself this season. How then, always surrounded themselves with deadlines and work commitments or school, it is a question that we could all pigs but which is particularly dear to parents who want to spend time with their children, giving a healthy value at that time and maintaining a good memory.

The fall season

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So today, we offer two points of view: two councils, two aspects of the physical and mental well tied together by the color, which reflects them.

Autumn is green: The Kiwi and the walk in the woods

A color, a health advice, for your body and for your family. We have selected a seasonal fruit, kiwi, particularly suitable for the intake of vitamin C and the fibers it contains. Ideal to meet the colder days, the kiwi also contains potassium and copper in abundance.

Green is the color of nature, but autumn is tinged with all shades of red: why not take a walk in the woods or to the park with the whole family? Children can play by collecting leaves and can admire the color so special this season. We suggest a natural forest but also an artificial park, though easy to reach (even by bicycle and not driving) is a perfect place to spend time outdoors in the hottest days.

Autumn is red: The Pomegranate and the game

The Pomegranate is rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamin B, in great to give great energy to your body. You know, in autumn we rediscover many commitments and activities that can stress. It is important not to be short on energy and invest them well: for this, especially for the little ones, is essential to carve out some time to play and have fun in a carefree manner. We talked about the children, but parents may (and should) take the opportunity to play with them. Their time together is a ‘fond memory to share, and to relax in the company.

Autumn is orange: The pumpkin and Halloween!

The pumpkin is perhaps the food of the season, which we recommend: rich in beta-carotene, vitamin A and also in healthy fats and protein, contained in a special way in its semi. In addition, the pumpkin is useful to strengthen bone health due to the presence of iron.

What advice can we give you to spend time with your family? But of course prepare one for Halloween! This festival is a great excuse to “build” something together, in this case to give the pumpkin the right look for the party of fear: the kids will have a blast and it’s a fun can involve young and old.

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