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Toothbrush: Is it better electric or manual?

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On television they say the electric toothbrush is better, and friends insist they are happy with it. Is it really worth the investment? Here we give you some information so you can make the decision to buy or continue with your manual toothbrush.

To begin with, the first thing you need to know is that electric toothbrushes are recognized by the American Dental Association or your country, which means they are not harmful to your oral health or who are a deception of advertising.

But … they are they really better than manual brushes you have used all your life? The answer to that question is not as clear or straightforward. The American Dental Association and many dentists say the two types of toothbrush are equally effective for cleaning your teeth, remove debris food and prevent plaque from forming. Even they have already conducted several studies comparing electric toothbrushes with manuals and so far failed to find a significant difference in cleaning teeth or prevention of gum disease such as gingivitis.

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You may be wondering then why so many people still buying electric toothbrushes. Because, although not significantly higher than manual regarding the results of oral hygiene, they do have other benefits that make people’s choice. For example…

  • Some brushes come with a rotating head which, some studies have shown, it helps to better clean the plate that is formed on the teeth.
  • If you are the people who usually brush your teeth too hard hurting your gums, the electric toothbrush can serve to fulfill the daily oral hygiene by reducing pressure on your gums. In that case, select those rotary head and having different intensity levels.
  • Some toothbrushes come with a timer that tells you the time you should last your brushing routine: two minutes. Ideal for those seeking to meet accelerated oral hygiene in less time help.
  • They are ideal for people solvable arthritis pain, who find it difficult to raise the arm for two minutes to brush their teeth.
  • Many parents helped them to convince their children to brush their teeth, because children believe that electric toothbrushes are fun.

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The reasons for choosing one or the other are not lacking, but the final decision is yours depending on your preferences. Dentists generally recommend that you buy a toothbrush that you like, for your convenience is crucial to fulfill your daily oral hygiene and that do correctly so you can have healthy teeth and gums.

If you decide on an electric toothbrush, try to choose those who have the seal of the ADA or the Dental Association of your country, and do not forget also you must change the brush every three or four months, as you do with a manual toothbrush. Remember also that no brush can replace dental floss (dental floss) to clean between the teeth.

And if you decide to continue your manual toothbrush, at least you have arguments to discuss quietly with friends who love the electric toothbrush.

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