Top Apps and Software Packages for Helping to Coach Football Teams

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Thanks to a new wave of apps and sports coaching software applications, it could soon become rather more unlikely to see coaches racing along on the sidelines with their notes! Today’s smartphones mean that coaches can create, build, research and share bespoke training programmes, drills and tactics.

Top Apps and Software Packages for Helping to Coach Football Teams

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Whether your sport is soccer, rugby, hockey or something else entirely, you can guarantee there will be an app or a software package to suit – many of which are extremely cost-effective and allow the whole team to log in, track progress, see their training schedule, access training videos and carry out other high value functions.

Whether you are looking for soccer drill videos, team tracking software or specific drill advice, these are some of our favourite football coaching apps.


This site has hundreds of coaching videos, drills and plenty more for teams and coaches alike to benefit from. As well as a soccer drill video taken by Sportplan each coach will find training programmes and ideas, tools for building and sharing bespoke programmes and collaborative team learning features.

24/7 Coach

This is accessed via an iPad and offers a user friendly, basic and straightforward tool for planning sessions. You’ll find a range of pitch choices and then the ability to add equipment, players, notes and directions. This can then be saved out and shared.


This is ideal for creating more advanced animated and 3D football training sessions and it allows sports coaches to really bring their training plans to life and demonstrate how they should work to players. Graphics are highly realistic and based on real footballers to make fantastic animations. Videos can be exported to mobile phones and for presentations.

FA Coach’s Apps

This has been developed with the FA and offers a library function that allows coaches to store their progressions and session plans, with the ability to share everything via social media and email. There is also a secure sharing platform for content.

England World Cup

This resource is available for tactical analysis and in-depth research which can be accessed on an app. There is a free and paid for option and the site is very usable.

These tools can all help you to up your coaching game and get the most from your team!

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