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What is healthy eating?

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What people mean when we talk about healthy eating and how to bring the ideal diet for our health?

When we mention the phrase ‘healthy eating’, many people think of the famous “Mediterranean diet”. The funny thing is that for some years, in many Mediterranean homes, the diet that follows moves away more and more of that style of food that should not be lost. Link this concept, ‘healthy eating’ the following key, you can help:

  • Lower incidence of cardiovascular problems.
  • Lower prevalence of diabetes mellitus.
  • Reducing obesity.

This is not to live longer but to live better, so how can we get to have real awareness of what this means? The answer also seems clear: with good health education, a process of teaching and learning in order to acquire habits that make us lead a healthier life.

Usual ‘smoking kills’, we should add another set of tips like ‘walking half an hour a day’, ‘eat more fruit and vegetables’ or ‘controlling alcohol intake’. Surely more than once have heard.

healthy eating
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The importance of food for our health

But let ‘s focus on food: we know that the diet of people directly affects their health, their performance and resistance to certain diseases.

In general, our society is characterized by diseases focused on supply deficit; our illnesses are now rather by an excess or imbalance in nutrients.

Therefore, they appear diseases such as obesity and related to it all: hypertension due to salt diets; arteriosclerosis, due to diets rich in saturated fats…

How rebalanced? Going back to basic, recalling the food pyramid, where at the lowest level was added last year a series of habits that along with nutrition we will achieve a better state of health. We speak of daily exercise, to seek emotional stability, use proper cooking techniques, appropriately hydrated and adjust the calorie content spending we do. From there, we can talk about food in the pyramid, bottom-up shows us food that we include every day in our food to arrive, at the top of the pyramid, those who must occasionally consume.

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Let’s see it slowly:

  • At the lowest level, there are the foods that we eat every day: cereals, bread, cookies, pasta, potatoes, are the carbohydrates that give us energy, being recommended consumption in its integral form.
  • In Level 2 we find fruits and vegetables, which are foods that provide us with vitamins, fiber, minerals and antioxidants. At this level, it includes olive oil extra virgin.
  • In Level 3 the semi-skimmed or low-fat dairy, white meat (poultry / rabbit), fish, beans, eggs and nuts appear.
  • In the Level 4 are red meat, processed meats. At this level we talked about food and optional moderate consumption (not necessary, but remain a decision of each person eating them or not, and always in moderation).
  • In the last level 5 are products rich in sugar, salt and fats like butter. We must be careful with them because they are those who have more fats related to cholesterol (the bad). Goodies we bought our children are at this level.

What diets know contrary to healthy eating?

It is better to forget about diets that promise quick weight loss or those that affect the removal of liquids and fats. There are no miracle diets or super foods. The sooner you assume this reality, the better for you. Also for detox diets: the human body is already a detoxifying element, using kidneys, liver, feces, sweat, etc … to be debugged.

Let’s talk common sense to lead a good and healthy eating. And of course, always consult your doctor and nurse reference if you need further information or if you need to regulate your diet.

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