Diet to gain weight

Diet to gain weight
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It seems strange to say, but diet is not a synonym for weight loss. The word diet means diet, and if as elsewhere in the expression “on a diet” implies the desire or need to lose weight, in fact there are those who decide to go on a diet to gain weight.

The excessive thinness may be the manifestation of a disease like anorexia, or the consequence of disorders such as thyroid dysfunction. In these cases, you need to follow the directions of your doctor who will indicate the most adequate nutrition to disease. In all other cases, non-pathological, such as constitutional thinness or due to a sudden growth spurt during adolescence, can help to follow some tips to gain weight healthy.

Diet to gain weight

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What to eat to gain weight without accumulating fat mass?

Please note that you fat to counter excessive hereditary thinness means take in more calories but not fat, otherwise it would risk straining the heart and arteries by creating the conditions for diseases and disorders. Yes to carbohydrates, not to sugars. The daily consumption of pasta, bread, rice and other starchy foods should be increased from 40% to 50-60%.

The increased caloric intake helps to put on the pounds without giving body fat and harmful sugars. Watch out for hydrogenated fats. It should avoid or limit very croissants, sweets and other products from margarine rich oven and so-called trans fats. Little meat and lots of fish. Those who want to gain weight in a healthy way should eat white meat and lean once a week, and legumes and fish in the remaining days. Green light to fruits and vegetables. They are good both raw and cooked, provided they are fruits and vegetables in season.

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Never without physical activity

The real secret to making a proper diet is fattening perform regular physical activity. In this way the body is healthy, it is to prevent major diseases and the body develops a greater muscle mass which helps to take pounds in harmonious and healthy way.

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