Protein diets, known risks

Protein diets
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Protein diets are fashionable but it is very important to know, in addition to its potential benefits, what are the risks and precautions follow.

When do you consider that a diet is protein?

Protein diets are characterized by a predominance of protein foods (milk-fermented products like cheese or yogurt, eggs, meats, seafood and cold cuts) or substitutes for protein-rich foods (bars, shakes and other preparations).

In these protein diets carbohydrates like sugars, bread, pasta, potatoes, rice or other cereals are totally excluded from the diet and usually also the portions of vegetables and mainly fruit is greatly limited (being rich in fructose, a sugar).

Protein diets

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Your objectives

When slimming protein diets are a quick but very dangerous for health way and the results are few lasting.

With protein diets thins quickly but only in the short term because the weight is recovered in record time to abandon the diet for physiological or psychological reasons (such as anxiety).

Dangers of protein diets for health

  • Alarming overexertion of kidneys and liver.
  • Shortage of carbohydrates in the diet is launching a series of mechanisms in our focus to “destroy” our muscle mass to obtain sugars through the protein body. The loss of muscle mass results in a slowing metabolism and this fact is to blame for abandoning the diet have tendency to gain weight even more than we had before starting it.
  • Carbohydrates, particularly glucose, are the fuel of our cells so this deficiency in the diet triggers another effect in addition to the above, which is the formation of ketone bodies from fat.
    As you enter ketosis, bodies as important as the brain begin to nourish themselves with a fuel that is not the usual and causes major physiological changes in our body that produce apathy, fatigue, malaise and nausea.
  • With ketosis, our body fluids more acidic (metabolic acidosis) so can cause alterations in the nervous and failures of cardiac contractility system become fibers. There have been reports of sudden and commas Ketone death.
    It is worth quoting at this point that protein diets without carbohydrates, are used in clinic in controlling severe episodes of epilepsy, as this acidification stabilizes the membranes of neurons slowing brain response that is harmful in healthy people and the consequences depend on the susceptibility of each individual.
  • Protein ditas give greater susceptibility to diseases chronic due to the lowering of body fluids PH (acidity)
  • The desire of our body to get glucose through proteins leads to a poor utilization of some essential nutrients, such as certain amino acids. This coupled with the scarcity of fruits and vegetables bring deficiency diseases.
  • The composition of the major food protein diets often have considerable amounts of fat and no fiber, so soon increase the levels of uric acid, cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • Constipation will become apparent almost from the first week of follow most protein diets, not only by the shortage of fiber, but also by changes in the intestinal flora.

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If you still decide to follow it and all note…

If you need to limit carbohydrates and increase, protein to force weight loss (very common situation in overweight people who must undergo a surgical operation soon) protein diets can be carried out in a controlled manner.

  • Follow only two or three days.
  • In these cases, we must avoid just pasta, rice, bread and potatoes, keeping one or two pieces of fruit a day (preferably at breakfast and mid – morning) without ever restricting the vegetables, which should be abundant in the diet. It should include a serving of bread at breakfast, because after fasting night brings the body needs extra carbohydrates.
  • Whenever protein diet increase is necessary to increase the water supply up to 2 liters a day (water and cleansing infusions) thus help the kidneys perform their function of excretion.

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