Undermine your weight
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7 bad habits that you usually ignore and undermine your weight

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When we lose weight we are many who trust blindly in light products, regardless that the only difference is that they contain few calories less, but not significant.

After noting an increase in body weight is normal to check food and blaming the excesses of food or calories; however, what many fail to imagine is that not always the diet is to blame for those extra kilos.

While it is true that food plays a major role when losing weight, there are a number of habits that should be reviewed because it can become an obstacle to achieving that desired weight.

As we know that many do not know what, this time, we want to share them 7, in order to help recognize all seek to avoid them from now on.

Undermine your weight
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1. Sleeping less than adequate

Cut the number of hours of sleep not only affects physical performance the next day but influences the increased risk of weight gain.

This given that the period of rest the body works to restore your energy and gets rid of many of the toxins that harm.

Sleeping less than seven hours increases food cravings, reduces energy costs and although you usually do not realize, do you choose higher – calorie foods during the day.

It is essential to respect the hours of sleep and try to be uninterrupted.

2. Being under stress

Constant stress episodes are a factor already known among those who are struggling to reduce their body weight.

Although at first it seems that only acts on a psychological level, also it has an impact on physical health and metabolism.

Being constantly subjected to this, it slows down the ability to burn calories and increases food cravings.

Daily practice is included among the strategies to reduce relaxation techniques, massage and breathing exercises.

3. Eat watching TV

Television and all kinds of electronic devices are a distraction for the brain,  and preventing it from properly register what we are eating.

Prefer eating in front of the screen of these devices increases the tendency to consume excess calories and can even influence digestive problems.

Usually, this type of distractors makes us eat faster, without chewing well and without considering the portions we are eating.

4. Have great confidence in diet products

One of the biggest mistakes some by adopting a diet is to base it on foods whose labels imprinted the word ” light ” or the phrase “sugar”.

The problem is to think that this indicates that they are free of calories or much healthier than the normal version.

The truth of these products is that only a little decrease their calorie content having less fat and sugar.

For example, if the normal product contains 8 grams of fat, ” light ” may have only 5 grams. That is, similarly, can make us gain weight if not eaten in moderation.

5. Use internet too

The impact has technology in recent years has made us daily users of multiple services offered by the internet.

However, not moderate their use can lead to a number of consequences both physically and emotionally.

The spending much time at the computer is not a major energy expenditure, which influences increased body weight.

In addition, they are so distracted often prevents the choice of good food for diet and, in some cases, makes many skip meals.

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6. Drinking alcohol

Alcoholic beverages are often inevitable at parties, gatherings of friends and many other times.

What most do not take into account it is that these also affect weight gain, because it contains a significant amount of calories and increase the accumulation of toxins in vital organs.

By ingesting too much alcohol, the body has to put all its efforts on metabolizing compounds instead of working with food.

7. Eating out

All health and nutrition experts agree that the homemade food is much healthier than those offered in restaurants.

This is because it gives the possibility to choose the food for each dish is of the highest quality and controlled in calories.

It was also found that people who frequently eat outside the home are more likely to choose unhealthy foods, based on price, taste, and practicality.

It is very likely that during this time have ignored these habits when making the decision to lose weight.

If you feel identified, try to avoid them from now tries to focus all your efforts to keep 100% healthy to achieve your goal.

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