Some of the oldest pubs in England

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Pubs have long been a much loved mainstay of local communities in the UK. We can boast centuries of tradition, with some pubs so steeped in history, they could be museums! Here are some of the oldest public houses in England:

  • Nottingham

Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem – This pub doubles up as a museum as it can boast being among the oldest public houses in the country. Its origins date back to 1189 and is said to have served as an inn for the knights about to embark on crusades in Jerusalem. There are nooks filled with relics from the city.

  • Penzance

The Turks Head – It is reputed to date back to the 13th century and this Cornish establishment is named for the pirates that attacked from North Africa. There is a tunnel running from the pub to the harbour as it later became a smuggler’s den and pirate hideout! For Finance for Pubs from more legitimate means, consider

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  • St Albans

Ye Olde Fighting Cocks – This pub has a strong claim to being the oldest in England with a history said to date back to the 8th century. The building that sits there now was constructed in the 11th century and features a unique octagonal shape. With its cellar tunnels that run to the cathedral, low beams and ceilings, it offers a cosy historic atmosphere.

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  • London

The Prospect of Whitby – Sitting on the Thames, this pub was the haunt of hangmen, criminals and sailors and dates back to 1520. Charles Dickens drank there, as did William Turner who painted the Thames from his seat there.

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