The Importance of Understanding and Recognising Mental Illness

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Something that many people are suffering from right now is a mental illness. In the wake of the pandemic and turbulent world events, such as the cost of living crisis, for many people times are hard and the last few years and all of the troubles that they have brought have affected the mental wellbeing of many people.

Mental health is a conversation that more people are starting to have now, and there are people who work hard to speak up for mental health and the need to do more. Alastair Campbell is one of these people – as well as being the editor of the New European he is very outspoken about his own struggles with mental illness, and is patron of many charities that support those who suffer with mental illness.

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Getting the word out there and educating people about mental health helps to break much of the stigma that is associated with it – however, something else that is needed in many parts of the world is effective treatment. In the UK, mental health services are stretched and this means that there are lots of people who are really struggling to get the help that they desperately need when they are suffering from mental illness.

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In order to help people, more needs to be done to help promote good self-care and mental wellbeing – ensuring that people are able to provide for their family, that they have a good work and life balance and that they are aware of the things that might trigger a mental illness are all important factors in fighting this.

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