The advantages of custom packaging for small businesses

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Packaging is essential and the design of that packaging is also crucial. It does more than protect products, it also advertises the brand. Custom packaging has previously been viewed as too expensive for small businesses, however this is changing with advances in manufacturing processes making things more efficient and cheaper. Here are some of the many benefits of choosing custom packaging for your small business:

  • Creating a strong brand identity

Packaging can be your biggest canvas for cementing a strong brand identity. Whether it’s a specific design, pattern, logo, typeface or colour – custom packaging is an opportunity to get creative and really stand out from your competitors. For more information on Contract Packing Services, go to a site like

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  • Exciting unboxing

Custom packaging provides an exciting experience when the customer unboxes. In fact, unboxing has become a popular fad on social media, with influencers uploading videos of unboxing experiences. Create feelings of exclusivity and novelty by creating custom packaging. A recent survey found that just under 50% of consumers would share their experience on social media if the packaging was premium or custom designed!

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  • Touchpoints for online businesses

Custom packaging shows your brand’s attention to detail and customer care ethos. For online businesses, this touchpoint is essential as creating relationships without face to face contact is challenging. After a sale, because the transaction has been completed, the customer journey is often neglected. However, custom packaging provides a chance to further cement that relationship and leave a positive impression during the after sale period.

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