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What to do in the event of a fire

When a fire breaks out in a place of work, it can send panic across the whole workplace. In order to ensure that you and your staff can deal effectively and efficiently with a fire outbreak, you need to have some robust policies and procedures in place. These procedures will need to look at how best to ensure that your workplace monitors for fire risks, deal with any evacuation needs and ensures that all fire equipment is kept up to date.

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When looking at your procedures you should look to ensure that you have a way in which to monitor which employees are in your building each day and also a way in which you can manage any visitors. A Visitor Management System UK company like is able to support businesses with systems that will help to monitor the arrivals of visitors and will ensure that you have a robust system in place to be able to check for any people missing during a fire evacuation.

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Once you have your fire evacuation procedures in place it is important that you communicate these to all of your staff members and that you also have some members of staff in place who are willing to work as fire marshals. These individuals will help support in ensuring that all people are evacuated safely from the building in the case of a fire outbreak.

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