The ultimate winter gift guide for your father

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Only a couple of days of work left ‘til you can finally have a bite of your mom’s delicious roasted turkey and share a Guinness with your dad during Christmas dinner. As the hours go by in the office, it finally hits you – you forgot to buy a gift for your Irish father, who always says he doesn’t want anything and seems to have everything he wants. The teapot in the office’s kitchen starts squeaking, you can hear every tick and tock of the clock and you can feel a slight sweat drop running down your face…

Or maybe nothing that dramatic. Maybe you just forgot, lacked ideas or left it to the last minute. However it might be, Christmas is definitely not the only day of winter when you can give your beloved father a present and if you have any other important things to celebrate this season, for example his birthday, we’re here to help you out with a few ideas. .

This gift guide incorporates elements of Irish tradition and fashion that will surely bring a smile to your father’s face. It also applies for uncles, grandfathers, godfathers… whoever you need help with.

  1. An Irish cap

The Irish cap is by far the star of the show, as it became very popular in past years. Many men have followed Tommy Shelby’s example and incorporated an Irish cap in their wardrobe. Such an accessory is truly timeless – it was stylish when your father was young and it is also stylish right now. He will surely love something that will remind him of earlier ages of Ireland and his youth. The cap is also a good way of saying “I care about you”, being a great way of protection from wind, cold and rain during the cold season. Irish caps are made of tweed wool and the good quality ones will last up to a lifetime. At Gaelsong you can find a good and large variety of Irish caps for all fashion tastes and budgets.

  1. An Aran sweater

On the same note, Aran sweaters are also classic, yet timeless pieces that tell the story of one of Ireland’s ages throughout history. They emerged as very fashionable pieces over time and are a must-have in a gentleman’s closet. The Aran knit patterns are various, each coming with their own symbolism. The overall look of the sweater is cozy, but elegant, ideal for Christmas dinner. Much like the caps, the sweater will also keep your dear ones warm during the winter, being made of wool. The variety of these sweaters allows you to find the perfect piece for even the most pretentious dads.

  1. Guinness merch

If all else fails, you can just reach for a gift that every Irish dad will enjoy – any type of Guinness merch. Very typically Irish, as we were growing up, we probably all can remember our dads with a pint of Guinness, watching tv, probably football. This option is safe and quick and offers a couple of variants to choose from, as Guinness merchandise goes from hoodies to t-shirts to caps or even household items. They are high quality pieces, guaranteed to make your father smile on Christmas.

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