Three Types of Tractor you Might See on a Farm

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Tractors are an essential piece of equipment for those who work in agriculture. There are many different types of tractors like these Solis tractors for example that vary depending on the jobs that they are designed to do.

Some tractors will be required to do heavy work such as hauling, whereas others will need to be working in smaller areas, hence why one farmer might require a few different types of tractors.

Here are some of the commonly used types of tractors that you might expect to see on a modern farm…

Garden Tractor – This is a smaller and more compact machine, hence the name. It is great for working in smaller areas and is even used by people who have larger gardens to help with maintenance jobs.

It isn’t as powerful as most larger types so will be used for simple tasks such as cutting grass and hedges.

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Carrier Tractors – This larger tractor is designed to be strong and sturdy to carry other machines in order to complete various farming tasks. The chassis is larger so that different equipment can be mounted onto it. Some of the things that may be mounted onto a carrier tractor include seed drills and sprayers.

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Utility Tractors – These are the type that you are most likely to see and are capable of completing a broad range of farming tasks. If there is one tractor that a farmer will typically use more than others it is likely to be this one. They come in a range of sizes and can be used for many jobs, from sowing to ploughing.

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