Peaceful living in the rural community of Monmouth.

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Situated only two miles inside the Welsh border with England, and only thirty miles from their capital city of Cardiff, you will find the peaceful, rural community of the town of Monmouth.  With the two beautiful rivers of the Wye and the Monnow on their doorsteps, stunning countryside and a true community spirit, it’s no wonder there is a growing population of over 10,000 local residents happily living there.  Any design for a new home in this stunning location has to be sympathetically co-ordinated with the landscape, creative, thoughtful, sustainable, and preferably drawn by a local, reputable, professional Monmouth Architect, such as  These award winning, RIBA Chartered, locally based Architects know the people, the community, the area and the landscape well and can design a home that encompasses all of your hopes and dreams as well as any specific local requirements.

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Experienced in creating innovative designs especially in a rural community they know how to incorporate building materials that are perfect for the heritage, climate and culture of the town as well as being sustainable and energy efficient.  Their unique integrated service includes the complete process of designing your home, from concept to completion, then providing a full interior design as well.

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Complete collaboration with every client, using palette boards, sketches, 3D visualisations, technical drawings and CAD plans.  On completion of the project your home will be beautiful, practical, sustainable, imaginative and sensitive to the natural landscape it is built in.

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