Program Based on Pilates, Abdomen and Back for Tonics

Exercise for Pilates
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This training program is recommended for users who have attended at least one program based on Pilates and have learned the basic principles coordinative, postural and respiratory Method Kinesio-Pilates. During the execution of the exercises, is of fundamental importance some general principles, among which the control and coordination of movements and the maintenance of the concentration. This method requires a lot of perseverance, as well as perfect technical execution. Later we will see examples of technical execution of some basic exercises of Pilates.

Exercise for Pilates

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Start: Sitting with legs crossed; Phase Inspiration: Stretching arms upward, keeping your thumbs together; – Phase Expiration: Bending wrists, elbows and arms circling; – Repetitions: 4, more crossing legs in the opposite way and further repeat 4 times.

Roll Down and Roll Up

  • Inspiration: Preparation running in neutral position (sitting on the buttocks and legs bent in front of the chest);
  • Exhalation: Back to curve;
  • Inspiration: Stabilization in the Stoop;
  • Exhalation: Return to the starting position;
  • Repetitions: 5-6, slow down on the floor, one vertebra at a time;
  • Recovery: Knees close to the chest, helping with your arms, swing left and right slowly, circling knees, clockwise then counterclockwise.

Rolling like a ball

  • Inspiration: Preparation exercise: sitting position on the buttocks, knees to his chest and arms wrapped around his legs, elbows wide, and head slightly tilted toward the knees. Roll on your back backwards;
  • Exhalation: Roll with the back forward, making a single movement, slow and fluid, until return to the starting position;
  • Repetitions: 10 times. Perform the exercise, without bending excessively spine, svolendo exercise naturally, and avoid touching the carpet with their heads.

Legs work

  • Inspiration: Slowly bring your knees to your chest and arms to the stable floor;
  • Exhalation: Lengthening legs and high heels (foot down);
  • Inspiration: Right leg forward and left behind, movement sweet and prolonged;
  • Exhalation: Left leg forward and right back, gentle movement and prolonged;
  • Repeat: 7-8, foot flexion and extension then.


  • Inspiration: Preparation position, position of the legs: knees bent or perpendicular to the floor, raise your head and arms off the floor;
  • Exhalation: Swing arms up and down in a slow and rhythmic, 6 fluctuations;
  • Inspiration: Continuation movement plus additional 5 oscillations;
  • Exhalation: Rest.
  • Reps: 3 breathing cycles (30 oscillations)
  • Rest and other continuous 3 breaths.

Shoulder Bridge

  • Inspiration: preparation with heels below the knees;
  • Exhalation: come up with pelvis upward;
  • Inspiration: I maintain the position;
  • Exhalation: down one vertebra at a time on the floor;
  • Repeat: 5-6 times.

Single leg stretch

  • Inspiration: preparation exercise, tilt left leg;
  • Exhalation: bring your right knee to your chest, stretch the left leg;
  • Inspiration: stop the movement – expiratory alternating movement legs;
  • Repeat 5-10 times (head and neck off the ground).
  • Elongation – Inhalation: Remove a few centimeters from the floor arms, face and legs;
  • Exhalation: down slowly on the floor;
  • Repeat 3-4 times.


  • Inspiration: preparation exercise: I raise a few centimeters from the floor, leg and opposite arm, and face;
  • Exhalation: 5 oscillations;
  • Inspiration: 5 oscillations;
  • Repeat 5-10 times.


  • Up to a sitting position on his knees.

Spine Twist

  • Inspiration: preparation exercise sitting on the buttocks;
  • Exhalation: rotation to the right elbow flexing;
  • Inspiration: rotation starting position;
  • Repetition: 5-6 twists per side.

Spine Stretch Forward

  • Inspiration: preparation exercise, stretching arms up;
  • Exhalation: “dive” forward with head and arms;
  • Inspiration: block the movement and stretch forward;
  • Exhalation: back one vertebra at a time, in the initial position;
  • Repeat 3-5 times.


  • Inspiration: preparation exercise sitting on the buttocks, right leg forward and bent left behind wounded;
  • Exhalation: bend of the trunk on one side;
  • Inspiration: return to the starting position;
  • Repetition: 4-5 times per side.


  • Term exercises with final relaxation, lying on the mat, in the supine position and breathing to release any muscle tension.

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