Proper hydration
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5 tips for a proper hydration during exercise

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Through sweating when exercising, water and sodium than the body needs to replenish for optimum performance is lost.

Scientific studies conducted by specialists in nutrition and hydration through the test of sweating (try to understand the fluid needs of each athlete and establish a hydration strategy that suits your needs in order to improve performance) detected 5 points key that most people do not know about the importance of proper hydration.

Proper hydration
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In this note we share 5 important facts about proper hydration when you exercise…

  1. The sweat

It is usually produced as a means of cooling body known as transpiration. When exercising the body loses more fluid than usual, an average of one liter of sweat per hour of exercise, therefore, to lose water your heart has to beat faster, to carry nutrients and needed oxygen to the muscles.

  1. The moisture is vital

Keep in mind that the rise in temperature to some extent inhibits the “nerve receptors,” which are responsible for controlling the sensation of thirst. That is why when strenuous exercise is performed should drink small amounts of fluid during activity, but several times, but do not feel thirsty. Hence the importance of drinking fluids before training, because the lack of hydration can cause increased heart rate, early fatigue, dizziness, weakness, among others.

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  1. Consume regular of liquids

To equalize the amount of liquids that are naturally lose throughout the day and when you sweat, you need to drink water regularly, and even more during the year, to match as closely as possible the rate of sweating. And as the main source of liquid we have sports drinks, juice hundred percent fruit, milk, fruits, vegetables and soups.

  1. Assess your level of moisture

An easy way to assess whether we are getting enough fluids is through the color of urine. If this is the color of lemonade is most likely being moisturizes well. If urine is very clear it can be moisturizing in excess, and if on the contrary, is darker (like apple juice) is very likely to be dehydrated and needed to consume more fluids.

  1. Hydrate correctly

Is water sufficient to rehydrate? Drinking water is important; however, studies confirm that both amateur and professional athletes are recommended to drink a sport drink scientifically formulated with carbohydrates and electrolytes, as this will help them improve their performance and physical performance.

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