How to Choose the Right Exercise Bike

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If you are just getting into shopping for your own cardio equipment, you might be operating under the impression that all exercise bikes are more or less the same. Well, that’s not really true. Exercise bikes vary in terms of features, functionality, usability, and durability. Here is some insight as to how you can go about making sure that you choose the right exercise bike for you.

Bike Types

There are two basic kinds of exercise bicycles; upright, and recumbent. There are general benefits to both kinds.

An upright exercise bike is designed like an ordinary bicycle, in effect. The handles bars sit at the same level, you put your feet on the pedals the same way, and the posture it causes you to adopt is the same. For those of you used to traditional biking, it is really not so much of an adjustment minus the fact that you are stationary.

How to Choose the Right Exercise Bike

A recumbent exercise bike is a little bit different, however.  The pedals are way down at the front of the bike, causing a greater extension of the legs when you pedal. The user has to lean back instead of sitting perfectly upright.


Obviously, when you’re looking at the different exercise bike models available, you’ll want to have an idea as to what’s more comfortable for you, the positioning on a traditional exercise bike or the positioning of a recumbent bike. The traditional bike will feel a bit more familiar to most most. At the same time, a lot of people like the extended range of motion that comes with the recumbent exercise bike. The reclining posture of the latter also tends to relieve pressure on the lower back; definitely a good thing if you tend to have pain or discomfort in this region.

Personal Adjustments

There are some other factors you will want to consider when selecting a portable pedal exerciser. An easy to use height adjustment feature is important, especially if you are not going to be the only person using the machine. The weight rating is also important thing to look into before purchasing. You want to make sure that the bike you get can comfortably accommodate not only yourself but anyone else you may expect to use it, otherwise it will not endure long term use.

You may also prefer to get an exercise bike that has an intensity adjustor. You don’t want to get bored with your exercise routine, and though it will be more expensive, being able to adjust the intensity and the resistance of your workout is a great way to take your conditioning to another level.

Other factors important to keep in mind include the comfort of the seat and the pedals. It is best whenever possible to try the bike out before you buy it, giving yourself a sense of what designs feel more and less comfortable to you.

Regardless of which model you select, be sure that you are happy with your purchase and that it winds up being a piece of equipment that you look forward to using.

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